The Montessori League of Asia (MLA) welcomes Montessori teachers, students, parents and educators to to be an affiliated member and be a part of the biggest Montessori community in Asia. By getting affiliated with Asian Montessori League, you automatically becomes a member of International Montessori League and the relevant country-wise chapter (if established till date).  

Benefits of Affiliation

Following are the ten great benefits of the Affiliation with Asian Montessori League.

  1. Certificate of Affiliation / Membership from The Montessori League of Asia.
  2. Certificate of Affiliation / Membership from International Montessori League.
  3. Certificate of Affiliation / Membership from Regional Montessori League (if exists).
  4. Discount on training programs and conferences upto 10%. 
  5. Introduction to Montessori and Classroom Guidebook by Montitute International.
  6. Rights to use our member logo on business card and resume.
  7. Periodic publications including articles on Montessori latest news about the works of MLA.

We look forward to the support, dedication and commitment of every Montessori loving individual and organisation aspiring to promote a better and peaceful tomorrow through the introduction and implementation of Montessori method of education.

Individual Affiliation Fee

  • Individual Affiliation Fee for one year - US$ 60
  • Individual Affiliation Fee for three year - US$ 150
  • Individual Affiliation Fee for five year (life membership) - US$ 225

How to get Affiliated?

 To apply for membership or to renew membership please choose your method of payment.


Using your credit card via 

Montitue's secure online 

payment facility.

           By mail or telephone


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