• Affiliate with The Asian Montessori League

    The Montessori League of Asia (MLA) works in Asia as the continental chapter for International Montessori League and aims to promote the teaching methodology and philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori in Asian countries with the collaboration of existing Montessori organisations, supporting and encouraging schools to adopt Montessori and facilitate teachers training programs in the region. Read More
  • Montessori Online Training in Partnership with Montitute

    Montitute is a research oriented Montessori training facilitator, based in the US. Montitute International has developed premium quality Montessori training resources including Montessori training manuals, training videos, classroom printables and online learning, support, assessment softwares. Read More
  • Supporting Regional Montessori Training Programs

    Our country-wise chapters are carrying out full length residential diploma programs and residential short courses and workshops. The huge need for trained Montessori teachers cannot be ignored Read More
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Montessori Asia aims to involve and engage ambitious Montessori organizations, schools, individuals and training institutes all over Asia in pursuance for the goal of promoting Montessori system of education in Asia by spreading awareness, training educators and school leaders, providing Montessori materials and easily accessible regional and international support.


Montessori Asia also serves as The Montessori League of Asia, which is the continental chapter for International Montessori League. Every member of The Montessori League of Asia also becomes the International Montessori League.


Being the central operational body for the International Montessori League in Asia, our primary role is to establish and streamline the workflow of the regional country-wise chapters for Asian Montessori League and regulate benefits to the affiliated member individuals, schools, organization and other Montessori related businesses. We wish to affiliate as many member as possible by offering attractive benefits, regular support, provision of publications, Montessori materials and online resources...Read more










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